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The Cowgirl Gourmet Food Blog

Heather's love of food and cooking extends well beyond Cowgirl Granola.  Actually, it has been a lifelong love that was inspired by Annie, her maternal grandmother. 

While Heather was initially only a baker, her culinary skills have expanded dramatically over last few years. And although her husband used to do the majority of the cooking, he now sits back and critiques her work, most often offering accolades
and admiration. However, when there is the occasion for him to truly critique in a loving, brutally honest way, he does.

In September 2009, Heather created The Cowgirl Gourmet blog to share with others what happens in her food worldboth in her home kitchen, as well as when she ventures out to enjoy what other people grow, produce and create. Mostly, the recipes are guided by health, quality, taste and enjoyment, as Heather believes that "good for you" food doesn't have to be bland and boring.

She invites you to join her on this culinary odyssey. Click here to subscribe and you'll never miss a bite!

Organic Blue Cornmeal (Gluten-Free) Pancake and Waffle Mix

Photo courtesy of Karen Green Pirinelli

In response to a growing demand for high-quality and natural gluten-free products, Heather launched an Organic Blue Cornmeal Pancake and Waffle Mix that is easy to make, good for you and tastes amazing!

Using organic blue cornmeal, organic brown rice flour, either Texas pecans or walnuts, Kosher salt, vanilla bean sugar and aluminum-free baking powder, each $6 package includes a recipe and makes 10-12 pancakes or 4-5 waffles.

The Organic Blue Cornmeal Pancake and Waffle Mix may be purchased through the 
online store
or by visiting Cowgirl Granola at the local San Antonio farmers markets.

Gluten-Free Cowgirl Granola

With the overwhelming appreciation and growing demand for the gluten-free Organic Blue Cornmeal Pancake and Waffle Mix, Heather has started making gluten-free Cowgirl Granola.

Using certified gluten-free oats, it can be made with any dried fruit you choose, though Heather generally has several mixes available each week you can always request exactly what you want.

The Cowgirl Gourmet's Wine Mustard

While mustard has absolutely nothing to do with breakfast, in the Winter of 2011, Heather showcased a wonderfully robust Merlot-Marjoram mustard (pictured above, left) under the name of The Cowgirl Gourmet, her food blog. So on occasion, she whips up this magical spread and brings it to the markets. It has been such a hit, she recently debuted a more Spring-like Chardonnay-Tarragon mustard (pictured above, right), again to rave reviews. If you are a mustard lover, you'll definitely want to add this jar to your repertoire.

Special Orders and Requests

From time to time, Heather makes amazing gluten-free dark chocolate brownies, as well as biscotti, chocolate-covered coconut macaroons, cakes, pies and other sweet delights. She is working on expanding her offerings of gluten-free baked goods, so if you have dietary issues, allergies or just want something special, Heather is happy to accommodate your request.

She can also create special blends of Cowgirl Granola along with customized labels for special events, gifts, birthday parties, party favors, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, etc.

For a quote or more information, please call 210-865-5900 or send an email to 

Great Ranches of the United States

Heather's maternal grandfather, Delbert R. Ward, was a civil engineer by trade (he was in charge of building the Aleyska pipeline and many other important projects) but once he retired, he became a writer by choice. Though he wrote many books, Great Ranches of the United States was the best-selling one of the bunch. When he passed away in 1997, there were just a few of these books left which Heather proudly displayed on the bookshelf.

Soon after establishing Cowgirl Granola and selling at farmers markets, two cases magically appeared. More than 10 years after he died. Taking this as a sign that Delbert wanted to be at the table, Heather sold the Great Ranches book and people loved them.

Though the books sold quickly, Heather decided not to reprint.

So you can imagine the surprise when two more cases showed up in November 2010. Needless to say, Heather is delighted to again have this book on her table and in the store to share with you.

Delbert said the year he traveled the country visiting ranches in his RV was the "best year of his life." And now you, too, can enjoy visiting the great ranches of the United States. If only from your favorite reading chair.

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