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Cowgirl Granola is now accepting credit card payments using SquareUp. If you would like to place an order online and have it shipped to you, just click here.

Each blend comes in either 12 oz bag ($8) or 1 lb ($11). The distinguishing feature is the dried fruit, which varies in each blend.

Choose from:

Original Stock--organic raisins
Cranberry--whole dried cranberries
Orange-Cranberry--dried orange-cranberries
Cherry-O--dried organic cherries
Blueberry Hill--dried organic blueberries
P-Nut Butter Bars--organic peanut butter instead of dried fruit
Wild Honey--sweetened with local honey and no dried fruit,
this is perfect for those who want the crunch
without the added sugars from dried fruit

For those who prefer gluten-free, we have:
Gluten-Free Granola (each week we make a different blend)--$10
Organic Blue Cornmeal Pancake and Waffle Mix
(no nuts, Texas pecans or walnuts)--$6

Throughout the year, we also feature seasonal blends including:

--available for two weeks in February
(studded with banana chips and organic sunflower seeds)
Fiesta--available for two weeks in April
(confettied with dried strawberries)
Independence--available for July 4
(starred with whole dried cranberries,
dried organic blueberries and coconut flakes)
Thanksgiving--available throughout the month of November
(dried orange-cranberries generously dusted with pumpkin spices)
Christmas Spirit--available for three weeks in December
(dried whole cranberries dusted with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg)

We thank you for choosing Cowgirl Granola and look forward to hearing from you.
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