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Cowgirl Granola has been winning fans right out of the chute!

Sitting around the campfire, these are just some of the things that friends and followers are saying about Cowgirl Granola. If you, too, love Cowgirl Granola and would like to add your own testimonial, please send a message using the Contact form.

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“I have found a delicious and quick fix to my marathon training nutrition woes.  Always searching for foods to build up the glycogen levels for endurance running, Cowgirl Granola is my new and exciting answer. My body just craves it, it is full of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants that a runner's body needs. I love that it's pure, not full of preservatives like most energy bars. It's beneficial for the body before runs, giving strength and energy, and after, for recovery. Honestly, I can't get enough, and believe it or not, I wasn't a granola fan before trying Cowgirl Granola!"

Michele B., San Antonio, Texas

"I love cowgirl Granola. It's all natural. How can you get a healthier snack than this? When I make me oatmeal on a cold morning, I mix a little Cowgirl Granola into it. What a great treat! I keep it stored in my freezer and it is always as wonderful as the day I bought it."

Tammy N., San Antonio, Texas

"Thanks for making such a great product!!! We have already heard from some of the people we sent this to for Christmas gifts—they love it!!!"

Lucy G., Austin, Texas

"I had some Cranberry CG today on my yogurt and blueberries and, I gotta tell you, it’s truly a magnificent way to start the day."

Julia R., San Antonio, Texas

"The BEST tasting, ALL natural and very filling granola I have EVER eaten!!! And I always keep one bag at work too!"

Jeannie T., Arlington, Texas

"I ate two bags of Cowgirl Granola, unassisted, in three days. Though it's probably meant to be eaten with a spoon in a bowl, I enjoyed it so much that I ate the majority of it right out of the bag with my hands. Both flavors are excellent and beat every other brand I've had."

Max H., Cambridge, Mass.

"I am addicted to the Gluten-Free Orange Cranberry! My morning isn't complete without my plain Greek yogurt covered with Cowgirl Granola. It is so tasty that flavored yogu
rt just gets in the way!"

Melissa S., New Braunfels, Texas

"LOVE Cowgirl Granola, it is the best granola I have ever had! Being a professional baker, I am always looking for a tasty quick meal/snack and great ingredients to add to my recipes. Cowgirl Granola provides me with both. There are days when I am baking early in the morning 'til late at night, I can eat Cowgirl Granola as a satisfying quick meal that lasts me throughout the day. I love how every bite is loaded with fresh nuts and crunchy granola. My favorite way to eat it is with vanilla soy milk and lots of fresh berries. YUM, YUM! I also think that it can be added to your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe or granola bar recipe."  

Sarah De Lachica, Houston, Texas

“I love Cowgirl Granola! Restricted to a low sugar diet, I've found it difficult to find a granola that I can eat. Thank you, Cowgirl Granola, for taking into consideration the type and amount of sweetness you add to your product. With the bountiful helping of nuts, delicious oats and other ingredients, I can’t help but come back for more. I've shared it with friends and family and am happy to sing the praises of this delightful treasure.” 

Melanie C., San Antonio, Texas

"Best granola around! Just love how it tastes! And I love the name, too!"

Sharon M. San Antonio, Texas

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